prologue: a portrait of the craftsman as a young man

First, a greeting. My name is Jake Fee and I am currently an Intern at North House Folk School as well as a graduate student studying Experiential Education at Minnesota State University.

During my remaining months at North House, I'll be working on my slöjd project, which is a sort of capstone project that involves traditional craft and community-building. I'll also submit this slöjd project as the capstone project for my master's degree, which focuses on learning through direct experience.

A few axioms to set up the philosophical foundation of what exactly I'll be doing here:

i: from Dewey: The value of an experience can be measured by how much it opens you up to new experiences.

ii: from the Indie Web: Use what you Make, and Make what you Use.

iii: from me: Everything is a Material.

I am exploring the idea that the tools one carries represent a map of possible experiences. The objects and tools you carry with you represent the ways in which you know how to interact with the world. As fellow intern Alex says, The Things we Carry, Carry Us.

During the next few months I will be recreating two sets of Otzi the Iceman's equipment. The first kit will be as faithful to the original materials and designs as possible, while the second kit will be made from post-industrial materials such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and discarded clothing.